Cucumber nutrient content


Cucumbers: The Ultimate Hydration Hero

Cucumbers are a beloved staple in kitchens worldwide. Known for their refreshing taste and hydrating qualities, they are a go-to for salads, sandwiches, and even skin care! In this listicle, we explore the characteristics, health benefits, and nutritional content of cucumbers—a must-have for anyone striving for a healthy lifestyle.

Cucumber nutrient content


  • Type: Fruit, commonly treated as a vegetable
  • Origin: Native to South Asia, but now grown worldwide
  • Color: Typically green, but can also be white or yellow
  • Shape: Cylindrical, elongated
  • Taste: Mild, somewhat watery and slightly bitter depending on the variety
  • Texture: Crispy and juicy
  • Growing Season: Late spring through early fall
  • Storage: Best stored in the refrigerator for up to a week
  • Cooking Methods: Mostly eaten raw but can be grilled, sautéed, or pickled

Health Benefits

1. Highly Hydrating

Cucumbers are composed of about 95% water, making them excellent for hydration.

2. Low in Calories

They are very low in calories, making them a perfect snack for weight loss diets.

3. Rich in Nutrients

Cucumbers provide small amounts of essential vitamins and minerals.

4. Antioxidant Properties

They contain antioxidants like beta-carotene and tannins that help combat free radicals.

5. May Help Lower Blood Sugar

Some studies have shown that cucumber extracts help reduce blood sugar levels.

6. Supports Skin Health

The silica content in cucumbers helps to rejuvenate skin and improve complexion.

7. Promotes Digestive Health

Cucumbers are a good source of fiber, particularly in the skin, which aids in digestion.

8. Easy to Incorporate

Their mild flavor makes it easy to incorporate cucumbers into a variety of dishes.

Nutritional Table (Per 100g Serving)

Nutrient Amount % Daily Value
Calories 15 <1%
Protein 0.6g 1%
Total Fat 0.1g <1%
Carbohydrates 3.6g 1%
Fiber 0.5g 2%
Sugar 1.7g
Calcium 16mg 2%
Iron 0.3mg 2%
Magnesium 13mg 3%
Phosphorus 24mg 2%
Potassium 147mg 4%
Sodium 2mg <1%
Zinc 0.2mg 1%
Vitamin A 50 IU 1%
Vitamin C 2.8mg 5%
Vitamin K 16.4mcg 21%
Folate 7mcg 2%
Vitamin B6 0.04mg 2%


With their cool, crisp texture and subtle flavor, cucumbers are a truly versatile ingredient. Whether you’re slicing them up for a fresh salad, adding them to a sandwich, or enjoying them as a hydrating snack, cucumbers are an excellent choice for a healthy and refreshing diet. Keep your fridge stocked to take full advantage of all the benefits they offer!

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