Fava Beans

Fava Beans

Fava Beans: The Ancient Legume with Modern Benefits

Fava beans, also known as broad beans, are an ancient legume that has been a staple in Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Asian cuisines for centuries. High in protein and fiber, these beans offer numerous health benefits. In this article, we delve into the characteristics, health advantages, and nutritional profile of fava beans.
Fava Beans


  • Type: Legume
  • Origin: Mediterranean and Middle Eastern regions
  • Color: Bright green when fresh; brown when dried
  • Flavor: Nutty and slightly sweet
  • Texture: Creamy when cooked
  • Shelf Life: 1 week for fresh beans; 1-2 years for dried beans if stored properly
  • Uses: Culinary (soups, salads, stews), Feed for livestock
    Fava Beans

Health Benefits

1. Protein-Rich

Fava beans are an excellent source of plant-based protein, making them a suitable choice for vegetarians and vegans.

2. High in Fiber

The high fiber content promotes a healthy digestive system and helps regulate blood sugar levels.

3. Rich in Vitamins

Fava beans are a good source of various vitamins, including folate and vitamin K, which support cellular functions and blood clotting, respectively.

4. Boost Heart Health

The presence of antioxidants, fiber, and other nutrients can help improve cardiovascular health.

5. Energy Boosting

Fava beans are rich in manganese, which plays a role in energy production.

6. Supports Weight Management

The high fiber content aids in satiety, helping you feel full and potentially assisting in weight management.

Nutritional Table (Per 100g Serving)

Nutrient Amount % Daily Value
Calories 88 4%
Protein 7.6g 15%
Total Fat 0.7g 1%
Carbohydrates 18.5g 6%
Fiber 5.4g 22%
Sugars 2.6g
Calcium 37mg 4%
Iron 2.5mg 14%
Magnesium 73mg 18%
Phosphorus 125mg 13%
Potassium 620mg 18%
Sodium 13mg 1%
Zinc 1.6mg 11%
Vitamin C 1.4mg 2%
Vitamin K 9mcg 11%
Folate 148mcg 37%

Fava Beans
Given their versatile culinary uses and impressive nutritional profile, fava beans can be a fantastic addition to your diet. Whether you add them to a hearty stew, a refreshing salad, or a protein-packed stir-fry, the benefits are plentiful.

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Broad beans

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